Table of Contents

[1] Items (Weapons, Helmets, Capes, Pets, etc.)
[2] Classes/Quests (Armors, Skills, Trainers, etc.)
[3] Gameplay (Combat, Chat, Moderators, etc.)
[4] Upgrading (Payments, Founders, etc.)
[5] Forums (Bug Reports, Suggestions, etc.)
[6] Locked Accounts

[1] Items

  1. Where is / Where can I find / Can I see a picture of ____ ?

-- Please check the AQW Encyclopedia, which contains a list of all classes, weapons, capes, helmets, pets, quests, and locations.

  1. How many Helmets/Capes are there, and where do I buy them?

-- You can find a list of all the available helmets and capes, along with their cost, location and appearance, here.

  1. Where do I enchant my helmet/cape/pet/armor?

-- Aside from weapons, all items can be enchanted at the Helmet Shop in Swordhaven.

  1. I'm a free player, can I get a pet?

-- No, the only pet ever (accidentally) released as available to everyone - Dark Wolf - is no longer available.

  1. Where is the "pixel shop"?

-- The "pixel shop" is merely a rumor, it does not actually exist.

  1. Where do you get Dragon Wings?

-- Dragon Wings were accidentally made available for purchase for a short time but were quickly removed. Currently you cannot buy them anywhere.

  1. Is ____ going Rare?

-- There are currently no items which the staff has indicated will be going Rare.

[2] Classes/Quests

  1. Where can I get/acquire new classes?

-- The class armors are available from the Trainers (type /join trainers). Talk to one of the trainers and click "Armor Shop."

  1. How do I switch classes?

-- To switch between classes, simply equip the class armor of the class you want.

  1. How many classes are there?

-- The currently available classes are Warrior/Warlord (Warrior upgrade), Rogue/Renegade (Rogue upgrade), Mage/Sorcerer (Mage upgrade), Healer/Acolyte (Healer upgrade), Ninja, Barber, Pirate, Assassin, Berserker, Beast Warrior, and Paladin. (Classes listed in this color are upgrade-only.) You can find more information about classes in the Encyclopedia.

  1. How/When do I unlock new skills for my class?

-- New skills are unlocked at Rank 2, 4, and 8. The final skill for each class is not yet available.

  1. If I sell my class armor, will I have the same class rank if/when I buy it back?

-- No, all ranks are reset once the armor is sold.

  1. How can I get the Pirate Armor/Class?

-- You can obtain the Pirate Class by visiting Lolosia and completing all of the quests from Elissa Keelhaul.
-- If you have the Alpha Pirate Armor (which was only available once), you can also use it. Alpha Pirate Armor used to be the Captain Rhubarb Nametag which was handed out during the alpha test on Mulligan Day after the Captain accidentally gave everyone his name and we all had to sign up again. It is now rare. If you lost your Nametag, posted in the Missing Nametag thread, AND were eligible for a Nametag (your account had to be created early enough), your Nametag has been replaced. Further replacements are not likely.

  1. How do I become a Warlord/Sorcerer/Renegade/Acolyte/Assassin/Paladin/Berserker/Beast Master?

-- All of the classes mentioned above are upgrade-only classes. Warlord, Sorcerer, Renegade, and Acolyte are all upgrades of the "base" classes; these can be unlocked by visiting the Trainers (type /join trainers) and completing their quests, which will also unlock the Assassin class. Berserker and Beast Master are available
from the upgrade shop. See elsewhere for information on the Paladin class.

  1. What's the difference(s) between the free classes and upgraded classes?

-- Currently, the only real differences are the appearance of the armors.

  1. How do I get Paladin armor?

-- First of all, Paladin armor is upgrade-only. To unlock all of Artix's Paladin quests, you must first obtain Rank 10 in BOTH Warrior/Warlord AND Healer/Acolyte. Once you have fulfilled all these requirements, simply complete all of Artix's quests to unlock the Paladin armor.

  1. More information on Paladin

--Ok, do the first two quests for Artix, then:
--The third quest needs graveyard tokens. Get these from fighting undead in the Graveyard.
--The fourth quest requires that you first go, and do the first rogue quest. This will make the marsh lurkers in the marsh drop the item. This quest has been fixed - Marsh Lurker eyes now drop properly.
--The fifth item is located in Willowshire. Yes, you have to do the entire quest chain there.

--Yes, this armor is also member-only, so are the last couple of quests.

If you had previously had Paladin equipped, it was mass unequipped across the game; you may have logged in wearing Peasant armor instead. This is not a bug.

If you continue to have problems, you may be having cache issues. I suggest clearing your cache to see if that fixes the problem.

  1. Why can't I do Artix's quests anymore?

-- The requirements for Artix's Paladin quests were changed; you must first reach Rank 10 in BOTH Warrior/Warlock AND Healer/Acolyte to unlock the quests again.

  1. I already have the Paladin armor, do I have to obtain Rank 10 in Warrior/Warlod and Healer/Acolyte before I can use it?

-- No, all players who already had the Paladin armor in their inventory before the changes were made were allowed to keep using it.

  1. How many quests are there? Where can I start the quests?

-- You can find information on all of the available quests here. If you have found a quest that isn't listed, post there and it can be added!

[3] Gameplay

  1. What does a yellow/gold name mean?

-- Players with yellow/gold usernames are Artix Entertainment staff members and/or in-game Moderators.

  1. Can I be a moderator?

-- Not at the moment. So please don't ask about it.

  1. How do I report a hacker? What about someone who is swearing?

-- You can report a player by selecting their character, clicking "Options" below their information box, and selecting "Report." You're also welcome to send a private message or e-mail to a Moderator or Administrator on the forums or on IRC; be sure to include a screenshot, the name of the player, and why you are reporting them. Please DO NOT create a publicly viewable post accusing other players of hacking, cheating, or otherwise breaking the rules.

  1. What are the current level/gold/xp caps?

-- The current level cap is Level 20. The current Class Rank cap is Rank 10. There are currently no confirmed details about the daily gold or XP caps; there will almost certainly be an announcement from the staff if one is set in place.

  1. What does "NYI" mean?

-- NYI means "Not Yet Implemented," that is, the feature is currently not functional.

  1. How come my friend can chat but I can't?

-- Currently, chat is only available to upgraded members or any free members who have verified their Guardian/Dragon Amulet/Star Captain status. However, all players can use the preset chat messages by clicking the speech bubble button to the left of the chat box.

  1. Why don't I regain Mana/MP during battle anymore?

-- Mana regeneration is a passive skill on certain armors; not all armors have this ability.

  1. Someone used an acronym or term I don't recognize. What does it mean?

-- You can ask them, or ask someone else. Here are a few of the more common ones:
-- afk - Away From Keyboard
-- buff - Increase in power
-- idk - I don't know
-- lol - Laughing out loud
-- nerf - Reduce in power
-- qft - Quoted for truth
-- rofl - Rolling on the floor laughing
-- tks - Thanks

[4] Upgrading

  1. How long will I be able to become a Founder?

-- Only members who upgrade their account within the first month of release will become Founders.

  1. Can I purchase ACs without purchasing an upgrade?

-- Yes you can, by using this link —-> AQWorlds Upgrade/AC.

  1. Can I "stack/combine" upgrades? That is, can I buy three 3-month packages to be upgraded for 9 months?

-- No. If you are currently an upgraded member, you cannot purchase another upgrade until your current membership runs out.

  1. How do I use an Artix Entertainment Retail Upgrade Card (Target/BestBuy/Safeway/ToysRUs) to purchase an AQWorlds membership?

-- Login here: https://secure.battleon.com/aqw/
-- Chose the $19.95 product.
-- Say no to the $5 add-on.
-- Then Choose the Retail Card option.
-- Finally, follow the on-screen instructions for entering in the scratch-off number from your card.

[5] Forums

  1. "When will _ happen?" "When is _ coming out?" "What is going to happen next !?" "Is _ going to __?" "Why isn't ___ in the game?" and the like.

--We don't know. AQWorlds is not on a defined release schedule; new content is released when it is ready. The only time we know that something will be released is when there is an announcement by the staff - which is the same time that you find out.

  1. I've discovered a bug. Where do I report them?

-- To report bugs, please use the AQWorlds Bugs. When you make your bug report, please be absolutely sure to use the proper format and provide all information as completely as possible. Including links to screenshots or videos (if video is required to see the bug) in your report is highly appreciated.
-- NOTE: Please PM a Moderator ( Aelthai is the AQWorlds Boards Head Moderator) if you have found an abusable bug. Please do NOT PM a moderator for other bugs.

  1. I have a great suggestion for AQ Worlds, where can I post it?

-- There is currently no place on the forums to post your suggestions for AQ Worlds. However, you're welcome to provide feedback by using the Gameplay Feedback Thread.

  1. Where can I find the AQW usernames of other forum members?

-- You can find other member's usernames, and share your own, in the AQW Username List.

[6] Locked Accounts

  1. When I try to log in, it says my account is locked/disabled! What should I do?

--Chances are good that if your account has been disabled, you were reported for a rules violation and banned by one of the in-game Moderators. Ban lengths will usually be for either 24 hours, 3 days, or 7 days… though permanant bans are possible for repeat offenders or particularly serious violations. If you have your account locked, you should refer to the AQWorlds Help page for accounts, located HERE. Screenshot proof can be provided for any ban in excess of 24 hours. Please do not contact forum moderators or archknights regarding AQW account bans; the forums and the game are separate entities and none of the forum staff have access to game account ban records. Likewise, posting about your locked account on the forums will only get you directed back to the aforementioned Help page.

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